Selkies, Ships & Sirens Eclectic Emporium is a small, family run store. As happens at times with these types of stores, monies aren't always readily available to renew certain important contracts. Due to this fact, some items will not be available until such time that we can renew the proper contracts. We are still in business though! The site has been updated and currently available products are on display and able to be purchased by clicking the Products link up top, or the Shop Now links in the slideshow. I also have some awesomely eclectic ideas for new items, AND, once the aforementioned contracts are back in place, the hidden items will be back better than ever! (New, better formulas for an even better experience!) All purchases through the site will be going toward renewals and purchase of the new, better supplies. Thank you for supporting small business!

We are now offering FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. If ordering from outside the continental US, please contact us with your order and we will invoice you for the order plus shipping to your domicile.